Week student at Bergzicht


If you are travelling down to South Africa from overseas why not combine your vacation

with a week of inspirational lessons!


If you are coming down from overseas and would like to combine your holiday staying with us and taking a few riding lessons we can accommodate travelling friends or family as well. If you are from SA or neighbouring countries in Africa and would like to learn more about the Academic Art of Riding we offer a special resident price. We can plan your stay here depending on your schedule and wishes. You are most welcome to discuss beforehand what your focus with regards to your lessons would be during your stay. One Hatha Yoga session or one Feldenkreis group training is included in the package to inspire your own body work.


We are situated very conveniently for exploring the Cape Town area including the wine districts of Franschoek and Stellenbosch. A rental car is almost a must but if you are travelling on your own and do not want to drive we can arrange for sightseeing trips as well as for food shopping. If you would like to do a hike up to Table Mountain or to kayak to see the dolphins booking in advance is recommended. You are of course welcome to stay here and relax by the pool or to take a walk with the dogs on the beautiful Noordhoek beach. Cape Town is a fantastic place to visit all year around. 


If you would like to stay for an extended period of time you are welcome to contact me for further details and costs. 


Welcome to Bergzicht!

Package 1

Five days lesson package with one lesson per day.  

Seven days of accommodation and airport transfer are included. 

Bring your own horse or use one of the school horses.

One body work session is included in the price.


R4800 for riders from SA and neighbouring countries 


Package 2

Same as Package No. 1 except for two lessons per day and the possibility to do a beach ride on the beautiful and famous Noordhoek beach one of the day. A day- permit from SANPark is needed.





Individual Package

A package can be designed for your particular wishes and if you are travelling with family and friends.


Long term stay has been the most popular option so far among students from overseas. 


Discount is given for long term stay