Welcome to our small web shop with items suitable for the Academic Art of Riding


I am a sales parter with Barock-Flair in Germany which sells the Bent Branderup® products as well as their own brand.


Please feel free to contact me if it is something in particular you are looking to buy.


There will be cavesons in stock from May. You can pre-order if you would like to purchase one. Please contact me to discuss the different options. Caveson reins L=3,20 m is also available. 


We will have a caveson on a special promotion price for the South African riders. 




Bookazine No. 1 Horsemanship

Bookazine No. 2 Ground work

Bookazine No 3. Lunging

Bookazine No 4. Starting the young horse

All the above is available.

Please pre-order.




You are welcome to try out both the educational saddle and the BB saddle by Stubben at my place.