I am based in Noordhoek where I give lessons in my yard. Primary for riders with their own horse. I give lessons on one of my horses on request but Bergzicht is not an ordinary riding school. It is more like an academy where you come and to study the different subjects in riding. Subjects like seat training, ground work or collection as an example. A place where the rider works with all  aspects of the relationship and schooling. I believe in that thoughtful training will keep horses healthy and long lasting. All training is based on your and your horse´s ability working together with your horse must be joyful. There is no obligations to ride with a certain riding equipment, however equipment like side reins or similar is not appropriate to use.


If you are interested to join an educational group or book a lesson please feel free to contact me. 


  • I also drive out to your yard if you live in the Cape Town - Stellenbosch - Paarl area 
  • I offer Day or Weekend Clinics if you live too far from the Cape Town area
  • You are also welcome to bring your horse and come as a week student. If you can not travel with your horse you can use one of my horses for the lessons
  • I also give riding and theory lessons via internet. It will be based on your individual need and wish. I also offer online riding lessons as support in between weekend clinics

 You can choose to work your horse bitless and bareback if you prefer.


I give lessons in;

Basic communication - Pre school work

Groundwork (as taught in AAoR)

Lunge work - basic to advanced 


Long rein / Cross over

Riding - basic to advanced

Seat training

 Side saddle