My Philosophy

I always try to teach with an open heart. It means that I am always trying to see and feel your horse´s needs. I believe we have to stay away from our ego while working and being with horses. I do not say it is easy because there are always a lot of things in life which make us unbalance. The important thing is to try and to acknowledge when we need to give the horse what it needs and to give ourself time. Riding is complex but still easy. If you stop comparing yourself with others and start focusing on your own journey you will discover that comparing is not fair to you neither to your horse. All humans and horses are unique. We have different bodies, minds and souls. 


There are these bodies, minds and souls which are going to work together.


Riding can be rehabliltating but to ask your horse to do all the work and try to cooperate with a body which is too stiff or is out of alignment is sometimes too much to ask for. Therefor I always recommend my students to do complimentary work with their own bodies.


I work with your body awareness during your lessons




Your focus is important in your work together with your horse.

Your thoughts control the energy within you. By being able to control your own state of mind and by being mindful about your thoughts you will be able to perceive the response from your horse.


We would like the horse to be responsive and not reactive.




Your soul mind and body is closely connected. To open up for your body and mind sometimes brings it into a deeper level.


To be able to connect with your horse you need to open up to your soul. The horse always has to door open for us to experience their soul. This is one of the reasons why we are so intrigued and fascinated by them.


Bringing two living creatures together and to aline the energy between them

can never be the same and can never be compared