My horses

My horses are very valuable to me and they are a part of my family. They also moved down with us in 2015. It was a long and gruesome time for them before they were stepping out from the horse truck which brought them home to Noordhoek. The were just over 60 days in Belgium in quarantine before flying down from Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Upon arrival in Johannesburg the next 30 days of quarantine started and then they were moved to Plettenberg for the vector quarantine of 45 days. I honestly do not think I will import any more horses to South Africa.


Luckily I have two broodmares which I hope to breed with in the near future. I love the Spanish horse and I got my first back in 1998 who was Chandra. She passed away September 2016 in cancer. 


I have had Campitor since he was born. He is a Frederiksborger, a Royal Danish horse. There are not so many left in the world. Nena and Naña are pure breed Spanish horses. They were purchased just before the move. I was so set on the decision about taking three horses (one container) with me. I could not bring Chandra and her foal Indira with me because of import regulations. Chandra passed away and Indira is sold. For me it is not an easy decision selling a horse. I have only sold two horses in my life, Indira and Campitor´s mother Peppar. Fortunately both horses have been able to choose their new owners themselves. I am a registered PRE breeder with the ANCCE but I do not have any near future plans of breeding.


After two years I think they started to settle in South Africa. Nena and Naña have started to see me as their human and after my old mare Chandra passed away my heart has been more open for Campitor so our relationship has grown. On Valentines Day 2018 Feliz arrived to Bergzicht. She is an unregistered Lusitano mare from Espaquest Stud in KZN. Feliz is a special horse.


Frederiksborg gelding born 2007

Campitor has a great personality and he is like an uncle who has a clear vision about what he wants

He is very talkative


Nena NG

PRE (Pura Raza Español) mare born 2010 

Nena has a feisty personality bred on bullfighting lines 

She is the sweetest but can come across as little intimidating - I call her my Dragon Horse


Naña NG

PRE (Pura Raza Español) mare born 2014

Naña is just the cuddliest horse I ever met

If the door into the lounge was open for her she would move in and hang out with you


Espaquest Feliz

Unregistred Lusitano mare born 2010

Feliz is highly bred. That means that she is highly sensitive

She is a joy for me to educate. Our relationship is deepening with the greatest love and gratefulness