Jenny Vogel

A short presentation about myself

My name is Jenny Vogel and I am born and bred in Sweden. My husband Alexander and I moved down to Noordhoek in 2015. This move gave me the opportunity to bring my horses  and my passion for Academic Art of Riding to South Africa. I have a personal philosophy which I base my teachings on. I stay very true to what I do and what I teach to create an honest and authentic reflection in the relationship with the horse.


I have been a student of Bent Branderup since 2004 and a  member of the Knighthood since 2006. I am an updated Squire with an approved Lounge and Groundwork test. I am a licensed trainer by Bent Branderup®.


To keep my trainer's license I have to travel at least twice a year to Europe to update my training. I also have to show my work to Bent and perform a lesson in front of him. As required, once a year, I fly my mentor and trainer, since 2002, Hanna Engström down to Cape Town to mentor my work. But the most important thing for me is of course to improve my riding and further my own education so I can develop my teaching.


I have a MSc. Engineering from KTH in Stockholm and I have been teaching on the side of my studies and my work since 2003. 


I speak Swedish (Scandinavian), English and some German. I also teach in these languages. 



Two Humpback Whales. Noordhoek in the background. Photo taken by Alex Vogel July 2019.

Cape Town is one of the best places to encounter marine mammals. My husband Alex is the founder of the Seafari App which is free to download and contributes to citizen science. There are Humpback whales are seen almost all year around (June to February) in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Town. The Southern Right Whale is a frequent visitor mainly during winter (July to November). The Bryde´s whale is another of the whale species living permanently in the waters here. Killer Whales (Orcas) are also seen from time to time and that is regarded as a very fortunate encounter. Various dolphin species can be encountered all year around. 

Cooperation with Ekeskogs Riding Academy

Hanna Engström

Hanna is introducing the garrocha training to me and Campitor February 2019. 

Ekeskogs Riding Academy is owned and run by Hanna Engström on the island of Gotland in Sweden. Hanna has been my teacher and my mentor since 2002. Now we are colleagues. She travels all over Europe to teach and she is well known for being a fantastic teacher with focus on the riders seat. Hanna also give seat training education for riding instructors. I have completed Seat Training 1-5 for instructors. Since it is a continuous education the updated training will continue during 2019 at Ekeskogs Riding Academy.


Hanna is coming to Cape Town each year to give me lessons and to mentor my work. While she has been here we wanted to give other riders the opportunity to experience her teaching by arranging riding clinics in Noordhoek. The clinics in 2017 and 2018 were  highly appreciated by the participants. There will not be a clinic in 2019 but your are welcome to book an online lesson and ride from my arena. The October Clinic is sold out but it is still possible to book lessons 8-10 November 2019. Hanna and I might however do workshop together in February 2020. But we are no longer arranging clinics like the ones in 2017 and 2018.


Hanna is a member of the Knighthood and a licensed trainer by Bent Branderup®