Bent Branderup

Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup®

Academic Art  of Riding was founded by Bent Branderup. His vision was to bring the historical art of riding back to life again. His teaching is based on the Old Masters such as Xenophon, Pluvinel, Newcastle, Guèriniére and Steinbrecht. Bent Branderup has analysed and mordenized  theses techniques with the input of the modern science of biomechanics. This is the basis of the educational system used by all licensed Bent Branderup® trainers.


It is a riding method for the ambitious leisure rider. We strive to give ourselves and the horse the chance to feel what we are doing and to understand the biomechanics in our bodies as well as the horse´s body. We school the horses to carry us with the least amount of stress to their bodies. We educate the riders to become more aware of the human-equine relationship. Our aim is to give our horses an education which will give them a long healthy life. 


We would like to educate our horses in a way so that they become happy, healthy and harmonious!