Why Academic Art of Riding?

It is an education that gives happy, healthy and harmonious horses


The educational system in the Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup® is individual. Depending on your and your horse´s needs it can be structured in a way that best suits you. This is a well thought-through education for riders and horses without the pressure of competing. Those students who still compete in dressage have increased their performance and result since they started their training with me. I do however not educate the rider for competition - I educate my students to become better riders and better horse educators.


This is an holistic education for any horse independent of breed and background. Horses over the age of three (3) are welcome as are riders of any age. I teach both children and adults. The age restriction of the horse is necessary because we would like to give the horse the time needed to develop a healthy body while growing without the stress of performance. It is important to give our horses a good start and an education which will give them a long healthy life.


All lessons are based on schooling your body for the aids and to give you a better understanding of the horse´s movements and biomechanics.  You can "ride" your horse even when working it from the ground. Your body awareness and seat training is woven into the lessons from the start. Your horse is being schooled during your lessons and the communication between the two of you will develop into a deeper connection. I always recommend that my students do complimentary work with their own bodies. 


By educating your seat, hand and leg aids you will develop a softer, deeper contact with the horse. Your aids will become more aligned with the movement and therefore riding will feel a lot more effortless. When riding starts to be effortless it means that you are riding through your seat. When the craftsmanship becomes more refined it then starts to become an art.


You can choose to ride and educate your horse bit-less and bareback if you prefer. Our education system has no restrictions.


Not only do the horses become happier, healthier and more harmonious. It is an education for the rider as well.

  • This is an education which challenges one to ride on an educational level never thought of
  • This is a good education for a child or beginner because they will develop good seat and body awareness from the start
  • This is a good way to restart or re-educate a rehabilitating horse
  • This is a good basic education for a young horse
  • This a education that takes the human-equine connection to a deeper level 

We believe in "hands on lessons"

Riding is not only an art, it is craftsmanship